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  • The road to the U.S. Open Cup 

    goes through Federal Way.




    Sep 18- Week 9

    Sep 25 - Week 10

    Oct - 16 - U.S. Open Cup - Game 1 - (Quali C)

    Nov 18/ 19 - U.S. Open Cup - Game 2 - (Quali B)

    Dec - 17/ 18 - U.S. Open Cup - Game 3 - (Quali A)


    *U.S. Open Cup - Google Calendar


    *Federal Way Men's Open Sunday Schedule

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    2021 Season

    *️⃣ Kajumulo All-Stars (Showcase)

    🗻 Washington Premier U23 (EPLWA)

    🔨 Bellingham United (EPLWA)

    🐡 Snohomish County FC (WWPL)

    🗼 PAC NW U23 (EPLWA)

    🌐 Sporting International (UPSL)

    🌳 Yakima United (EPLWA)

    🛩 Everett Jets (EPLWA)

                                                                                           🔰 Thurston County (UPSL)

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